Lois CP photo

Lois Chan-Pedley

Founder, Technical Director

With 20+ years of experience in software and website development, working for the Government of Canada, startups, and the Space Missions Division of MDA, the strengths that Lois brings to the table are her deep technical knowledge, adaptability and clear communications.


Director of Ankle Biting

GIR is the goodest doggo. He is great at sleeping and barking wildly at the door. 100% reliable at circling your feet when you’re in the kitchen.

We Believe In...

Compassion in clarity.

We have to accept our weaknesses to fix them. We have to love our enemies to change them. We have to understand the world to make it better. When compassion meets clarity, we know exactly what to do.

Building enduring solutions.

Good solutions need to last a long time. The seeds we plant now will impact the future, for better or for worse. We design our solutions for today and tomorrow.

Taking big swings.

Change is inevitable and uncomfortable. We hate going outside of our comfort zone as much as the next person, but we do it anyway because that's what it takes — and we'll encourage you to do the same. The meek might inherit the Earth, but we're here to change it for the better.


You're doing important work. You matter. You are the heart of what we do. We want you to do what you do more easily, more widely, more deeply.